Almond Outdoor Roller Shade 8 ft x 6 ft
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Almond Outdoor Roller Shade 8 ft x 6 ft

Product Code: 474805

Coolaroo Outdoor Roller Shades combine unique knitted fabric and classic design. Unique, knitted HDPE fabric in traditional shade styling blocks up to 80-percent of damaging UV rays. Breathable fabric allows air flow, substantially reducing temperatures and saving on energy costs. The weather resistant fabric and components resist fading, mold and mildew, ensuring your shades will look great for a long time, no matter the weather they are up against. Light filtering knit reduces glare without darkening a room's interior. These shades provide a fresh, unique, stylish addition to any décor. We recommend that when the crank is not in use, it be stored away from salt air elements.

  • Up to 80% UV block protection
  • Light filtering and helps improve energy efficiency
  • Aluminum head rail for added strength and durability
  • Child safe cordless operation - no cords, no chains
  • Unique knitted 'breathable' fabric
  • Weather resistant fabric and components resist fading, mold, and mildew
  • Crank is not weather resistant

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$89.99 /EA

 Blind Dimensions:
 Width:  98.75 in
 Length:  72.0 in 
 Depth:  3.0 in
 Minimum Depth:  3.0 in
 Fabric Dimensions: 
 Width:  96.0 in
 Length:  72.0 in
 Material:  HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
 UV Block:  up to 80%
 Material:  Powder coated aluminum
 Bracket Cover:  Cream
 Wand:  Cream / Silver
 Bottom Rail:  Silver
 Bungee Tie Down:  Cream
 Privacy:  Light filtering, daytime privacy only
 Operation:  Cordless crank operated
 Child Safety Device:  N/A
 Bottom Rail:  Fabric pocket
 Warranty:  3-year warranty against UV degradation


How To Measure:
Outside Frame Mount:    Inside Frame Mount: 
Width: Measure from one edge of the casing or opening to other.  Add a minimum of 4-in, or 2-in to each side, for complete coverage.    Width: Measure from one edge of the casing or opening to the other, at the top and bottom.  Use the narrowest measurement
Height: Measure from top to bottom of casing or opening.                   Height: Measure from top to bottom of casing in two different places.  Use the narrowest dimension.

Care and Maintenance: 
Vacuum or rinse with hose and allow to air dry Do not tumble dry 
Do not machine wash Do not iron
Do not bleach Do not dry clean

Gale Pacific USA, Inc.
Product Warranty and Limitation of Liability

If, as a direct result of ultra-violet exposure, this product cracks, splits or tears (“defect”) within 3 years after the date on which the product is purchased from Gale Pacific USA, Inc. (“Gale Pacific”) or an authorized distributor or agent of Gale Pacific, Gale Pacific will, at its option, replace the fabric component of the product (but not any other component, such as the frame) free of charge or refund the cost of such replacement. This warranty is subject to the following conditions and limitations:

1. All claims under this warranty must be made in writing addressed to: Gale Pacific USA, Inc., PO Box 162625 Altamonte Springs, Florida, 32716-2625, USA. All claims must be accompanied by a sample of the fabric for laboratory testing and proof of place and date of purchase of the product.

2. Gale Pacific will not be liable for any claim made under this warranty in respect of any product in any of the following circumstances:
• If the defect is contributed to or caused by any improper use of the product or usage of the product for purposes other than that for which the product was designed or intended.
• If the defect occurs wholly or partly as a result of any act or omission of any person other than Gale Pacific.
• If the product has been subjected to misuse, neglect, accident or abuse.
• If the product is altered or modified in any way unless such modification has been approved in writing by Gale Pacific.
• If the product is erected, installed or used in violation of, or in a manner that is inconsistent with, instructions or warnings furnished by Gale Pacific.

3. This warranty does not cover
• Colour fading of the product (even if due to exposure of the product to ultra-violet rays) or a deterioration in the chemical composition of the fabric due to exposure to ultra-violet rays, or
• Any damage to the product caused or contributed to by exposing the product to chemicals (including chlorine), placing the product near an open flame (including flames from a barbecue), tensioning the product beyond its tear and tensile capabilities or mechanical friction.

In addition to the above warranty, the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) and other state and territory legislation may imply warranties or conditions or impose liability on Gale Pacific in relation to the product or its supply which cannot, or can only to a limited extent, be excluded, restricted or modified. Except for those implied warranties or conditions and such liability, and for the warranty described above:
• All warranties and conditions (whether express or implied, statutory or otherwise) relating to the product or its supply are expressly excluded; and
• Gale Pacific will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by any person (including the purchaser of the product) in any way relating to or arising from the product or its use (including loss or damage arising from the negligence of, or contributed to by, Gale Pacific).

If liability for breach by Gale Pacific of a warranty or condition or any other liability imposed on Gale Pacific by legislation which cannot be excluded may be limited, Gale Pacific’s liability is limited to the extent permitted by law, and if liability may be limited in any one of a number of ways, Gale Pacific’s liability is limited in any one of the permitted ways chosen by Gale Pacific in its absolute discretion.

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Noreen McConnell From United States Michigan
Love Them!
June 12, 2017
We have these shades on our gazebo down by our lake. Absolutely love them. I am only giving 4 stars due to my inability to use the crank. My husband has to raise and lower them for me. It could just be me.
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